Draw Yourself

Table of Contents

Draw Yourself

  • Surfing with a shark
  • As a statue in a museum
  • In the hospital
  • Doing something you would never do
  • As conjoined twins
  • Eating Fried chicken
  • At the beauty parlor
  • As a Viking
  • As the God of fire
  • In a marching band
  • As a French person
  • Tunneling to freedom
  • Riding an Insect
  • As a cave-persion with a pal
  • Getting arrested
  • As a bearded lady
  • Shooting out of a volcano
  • Dancing with a potato
  • As a tightrope walker
  • Vomiting
  • Running from a giant snowball
  • Riding a bird
  • Dancing sadly
  • As the God of Springs
  • Climbing a Rope
  • At a lovely fountain
  • In an encounter with a squirrel
  • Escaping from jail
  • Playing in a bad jazz band
  • Being carried by an alien
  • As a Pirate
  • As a kid in a costume
  • With 3 cats
  • Lost at sea
  • As a fry cook
  • In Love

This is a list of ideas for attendance cards from Lynda Barry's Making Comics.


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