What is Optimization?

Optimization means to find the set of parameters that minimize the cost of a solution to a problem.

What is a Global Optimization?

A Global Optimization is the optimal solution out of all possible solutions. [PSOAI]

What is a Local Optimization?

A Local Optimization is a solution that may not be the global optimum but is good enough. [PSOAI]

What Are the Three Types of Optimization?

  • Exhaustive: Try all the combinations.
  • Stochastic: Try a random subset and pick the best.
  • Learning: Pick random solutions that improve as you go.

What Is the First Phase of Optimization?

The first phase is to create a mathematical model of the system.

How Do You Create a Model of the System?

  • Translate parameters for the solution to numbers.
  • Represent solutions as vectors of parameters.
  • Create a cost function that maps the global minimizing parameters to the optimal solution. [PSOAI]

What is a Solution In Optimization?

A set of parameters that solves the problem with the least cost while still meeting constraints. [IIS]

What is the Domain?

The set of valid parameters (those that solve the problem no matter the cost). [IIS]

What is the Feasible Domain?

The subset of valid parameters that meet the constraints of the problem. [IIS]

What is a Feasible Solution?

A solution that meets all the constraints. [PSOAI]

What is the Cost Function?

A function that maps solutions to their cost (maps the best solution to the best outcome and the worst solution to the worst outcome).