Install Chrome Extensions in Vivaldi

This was taken from the vivaldi forums. It explains how to install the LastPass extension into the vivaldi browser and should work for other plugins as well (although I haven't tried yet).

The Procedure

  1. Install the Chrome extension source viewer (CRX Viewer) in Chrome
  2. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the LastPass extension
  3. Right click on the LastPass search result to bring up the context menu
  4. In the context menu selecte View extension source
  5. In the page that opens, click on the Download link in the upper corner
  6. Go to the Downloads folder and make a new folder (e.g. mkdir lastpass)
  7. Move the zip-file that you downloaded into the folder (mine was called so I assume the names are random)
  8. Unzip the download
  9. Re-name _metadata to metadata (the post suggests deleting it, so that might work too)
  10. In Vivaldi, open the link vivaldi://chrome/extensions
  11. Click the Developer mode checkbox
  12. Click on Load unpacked extension
  13. Select the folder you unpacked the zip file into (lastpass in this case)
  14. Configure Last Pass


This gives the procedure for installing extensions like LastPass into the Vivaldi browser. In the course of writing this up I found out that you don't need to do this for all the extensions (just the ones with leading underscores in some of their folder names, I think). For other extensions just install them from the store - they seem to work out of the box.