Monitoring Events With Chromium

If you have a chromium-based browser you can find out what events are affecting a particular item on you web-page using the monitorEvents function.

Monitoring Events

Inspect The Element

First right-click on the element that you are interested in and pick "Inspect element" from the context-menu.


Enter the Event Type

There are multiple event types to chooske from (mouse, key, touch, and control). In this example I'll monitor mouse events. In the javascript console enter:

monitorEvents($0, "mouse")


$0 is a variable that refers to the element you are inspecting and "mouse" tells it to listen for mouse events

Now, as you do things with your mouse on the element, the console output will show you the the events as they happen.


Listing Event Listeners

To see the event-listeners associated with the element enter the following at the console.



The getEventListeners function doesn't work until you've run the monitorEvents function.

Picking Elements At The Console

You don't have to use "Inspect this element" and $0, you can grab an element at the console with javascript instead.

monitorEvents(document.getElementById("changing-what-you-monitor"), "mouse")

Will monitor mouse-events for the headline to this sub-section.